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We at Newton's Agency believe it is our mission to support the enhancement and development of the lives of people who choose and use our services with attention to the necessary basic needs, safety and health concerns, as well as providing an atmosphere of love and caring, acceptance, dignity and respect while upholding their right to:

Be free to make choices and decisions.
Be an integral member of the community in which they live.
All so they may achieve their dreams.

Residential Care

Lamplight Village, RCF II  provides housing and  oversight to individuals with mild development disabilities.   Many residents work and are free to access the community as they desire.

Individualized Supported Living

Consumers live in their own apartment or home with up to 24 hour a day assistance provided by trained & caring staff.


A service for families or caregivers who have a need for time off. This staffing service can be provided in the consumers home, staff home or in a group home as a relief support to those families.

Community Integration

This service provides opportunities for individuals who may live at home with family or who are in placement to access the community and participate in activities they enjoy, with staff who provide transportation, oversight and assistance.

Group Homes

P.A.L.S. operates two eight bed group homes in West Plains, MO.

* Newtons Group Home of West Plains - Located on Bartley St.

* Green Acres Group Home  - Located in rural West Plains

Personal Care Service

Staff are provided in consumers' home to assist in all aspects of daily living activities.  

In Home Services

Staff are provided in consumers home to assist in activities of daily living. This may be assistance with paying bills, budgeting, shopping, housekeeping and all aspects of daily living.

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